“Lazertag Battle System is about to be out-of-stock…”

Lazertag Battle System, the ultimate game of multiplayer laser combat, is the #1 voted holiday gift for children. This high-tech battle gear is perfect for two or more players. Or you can train your tagging skills by hooking it up to your TV for single-player plug-and-play mode. Taggers register hits, shots and special weapon activations with lights sounds and vibration. Attach the pinpoint sight to your tagger to provide incredible accuracy, or attach the shot blast attachment to boost your damage and tag multiple targets at once. A built-in rumble pack lets you feel every hit from the oppositions. Lazertag system contains two Phoenix LTX taggers, two shot blast attachments and two pinpoint sight attachments. Requires 12 "AA" batteries, not included.

p.s. They are going to be out-of-stock Soon!

My Review on Lazertag Battle System

Not only my kids love to play this toy, me either. The best feature is that The Lazertag Battle System is not for two players only. With more taggers, my two kids and their friends are all in the same battle. The included Phoenix LTX taggers register hits, shots and special weapon activations. They are shooting one another with a combination of lights, sounds and vibrations.

Another brilliant feature is the Shot blast attachment which lets my kids tag multiple targets at once. They can then boost the overall hit damage. The rumble pack lets them know they have been hit. Sometimes they can become a sniper or a sharpshooter with the Pinpoint Sight attachment by lining up their shots for incredible accuracy. After playing for an hour, my kids told me they were playing with real guns. They said the guns recoil with each shot. The manual reload feature let them realistically restock ammo.

When my kids go to school, I am actually quite bored. One day I took out this toy and play the video game attachment. It was really fantastic and I knew why my kids love that. Just simply connected the toy to the television, I entered a first-person world with unique environments, operations, unlockable weapons and locations. At that night, I played this toy with my kids. They were surprised how I could always hit them. And I finally told them the secret. That was the video game attachment helping me to sharpen my shooting skills.

It is really a top toy. It not only brings fun to the kids but also the adults. And more importantly, it helps you build a better relationship with your children.